About Julie

I started making my own clothes when I was barely a teenager, and have had fabric and thread in my hands ever since. After 19 years studying clothing shape and fit while working as a tailor and seamstress in a popular West Saint John tailor and dry-cleaning shop, I left to start House of Julie in my own home studio nearby in 2011.

In a time where most clothes are mass produced cheaply in a few standard sizes, our bodies are not. I care about making sure your clothes fit your body. Proper fitting clothes are more comfortable, more flattering, and last longer.


What about Price?

Because each piece is custom fitted to your body, it's hard to give an exact price for most alterations over the phone or through email.

Beware a tailor or seamstress who is quick to give you an exact quote, they may not doing a thorough job of ensuring the clothing fits you. While sometimes all that's needed is a quick hem, every item of clothing and every body is different. It's important to consider how every alteration will affect the fit, taper, and shape of the rest of the item. Why spend money on having something taken in, only to have it bunching awkwardly elsewhere?

Once I see an item, I can give you an exact price to complete the work. I understand sometimes altering an item isn't worth the cost, but I'd rather provide an exact quote after seeing the clothing on your body rather than make a guess.

Ready to come by for a quote? Give me a call (506) 653-8595.


I have a sewing emergency!

Call 911! But seriously, we all have events in our lives that are unexpected. If you need something altered for a funeral, last minute job interview, or a sudden opportunity to travel the world with a dashing and romantic prince charming who came out of nowhere... I can usually accommodate! Give me a call (506) 653-8595.